Mayfair Games Staff Members

President & CEO

Larry became a part of Mayfair Games' extended family when he attended Gencon as a company guest in 1990. His strong operations and management skills impressed the new Mayfair Games ownership team, and in 1999 he left the forced air industry and joined Mayfair Games as a board member, President, and COO.

Vice President of Sales
Customer Service Manager

Kim is based in our Skokie, IL office.
Kim's official job tile is Customer Service Manager and she's been employed with Mayfair Games, Inc. since 2003 and she's loved every minute of it.
Included in her daily/weekly duties... she answers the customer service email, answers the phones, data entry and assists in any way possible.

Director of Event Management
Office Manager/HR
Executive Vice President

Loren is based in our Skokie office and has worked for Mayfair Games for 20 years… and is still loving it. She started part-time in 1995 and has been full-time since January 2002. In these 20 years Loren has worked hundreds of shows that have included packing shipments, setting up booths, demoing games, running the retail and customer service side of things and so much more!
Her primary responsibility includes trouble shooting any issues that happen once a product leaves the warehouse. She does her best to make sure your game is perfect if it slips through our quality control process.

Vice President of Acquisition & Development

Alex has a variety of board game, card game and role-playing playtest credits. Alex started working with the Mayfair Games crew in the late 1990s, and became a full-time member of the Mayfair team in 2005.

Director of Marketing & Community Engagement

Julie works from home in Ypsilanti, MI
She has worked for Mayfair Games since 2012 and in those three years she has taken on a variety of roles including her primary responsibility of wrangling our 300+ volunteers and overseeing our online social media presence. She also serves as the photography guru with the responsibility of event and product photos.