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2006, January 1
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2006, January 1
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Within the dark cold depths of the sea lies a world that could have risen from the works of Jules Verne. Here beneath the silt and sand of the sea floor resides the resting place of an ancient civilization once the marvel of the world. Swallowed by the sea, it sank to the depths to be remembered in legend.

Now, groups of researchers have come together to build a fantastic underwater city, made from the many components sunk on the ocean floor.Their quest? to search for lost treasures, scientific sensations, and of course glory! But, most of all they seek the remains of the lost civilization. Each searcher follows his own passions, seeking his own goals and judging his own success.

Can you aggressively explore the depths of the ocean, while efficiently guiding the construction and development of the underwater city? You must balance both goals if you wish to win fame and glory in Nautilus!

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1 Gameboard
12 Miniature Submarines
60 Researchers
80 Module Markers
41 Underwater City Modules
60 Discovery Tiles
30 Victory Point Markers
4 Player Overview Mats
80 Nemo Certificates
1 Ruins of Atlantis Display
4 Special Orders
1 Start Token
1 Rulebook

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