The New Agricola is almost here!

It's almost time for the launch of the latest and greatest version of Uwe Rosenberg's classic, Agricola! To whet your appetite the fine folks at Lookout Games have pulled back the curtain a bit on the process of updating a beloved classic.

New Look, Same Charm

One of the first, and most difficult questions when designing the new Agricola was the look of the game. A game can live or die by its look- the box is the first thing a player sees when they encounter the game for the first time. And we all know that amazing feeling when we open a game and find it looks good and has high quality components.

But Agricola is not a new game, so how do you modernize the look while keeping that classic Agricola feel? Paging Klemens!


In the image above you can see his first attempt at the cover, and below the final, both great but in the end there could be only one and the warmth of the final image won out.


How Can We Do Better?

It turns out, the answer to this question was easy! After all, we had access to almost nine years of feedback from you, both on Board Game Geek and Your thoughts there have clearly shown us where we can improve. The first improvement we want to talk about today is the actions board.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new modular game board. In the 2016 Agricola base game, you’ll slot in a different row of action spaces depending on the number of players. So if you are playing with four players you’ll use the action spaces with the number “4” on it.

Item #2 on our to-do list was something players have wanted for quite a while: a scoring summary. In the new Agricola base game, players will be able to see the value of their boards at any time throughout the game. Of course, there is still a score pad to tally the final score at the end of the game as well.

Finally, there are the revised cards that come with the game. As you can see, all the cards have been rewritten for clarity. In addition, the card text is much more concise, getting players (especially new players) into the game more quickly than ever!

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