Keith Law Reviews Barenpark

Our friend Keith Law reviewed Barenpark over at Paste Magazine and here's a bit of what he had to say: Bärenpark is a lightweight tile-placement game along the lines of Patchwork, both of which take the basic concept of Tetris—take a tile, possibly with a weird shape, and place it on your board, with the goal of filling all the open spaces—and turn it into a multiplayer game. Patchwork is strictly a two-player game and limits your tile choices to the next three tiles available in the central market, while Bärenpark plays up to four (it’s best with four players, really) and gives you a broader choice of tiles without penalizing you for spaces you don’t fill at the end of the game. As a light family game, it works very well, but there’s a hiccup in the rules that would allow someone to get cutthroat and make it a lot less fun or fair for younger players.

Thanks so much, Keith!

You can read the rest of his review here.

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