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Catan Sales & Customer Service

SKOKIE, IL – March 31, 2016 – Due to the acquisition, earlier this year, of the license for the English language publishing and sales of Catan by Asmodee North America, as of April 1, 2016 Mayfair Games will no longer be facilitating commercial B2B sales for the Catan product line.

For all retail sales inquiries regarding Catan products please contact your current distributor’s sales representative or Asmodee North America at http://www.asmodeena.com/en/ for all Catan product fulfillment.

Alliance Games Distribution remains the Exclusive US Hobby trade distributor for Catan product and ordering from them remains the same.

Asmodee North America will also be handling all customer service for component issues. For consumer inquires about component issues, please contact Asmodee Customer Support at https://www.asmodee.us/en/support/

Catan Studio will be handling all rules questions/clarifications. For individual rules questions, please contact Catan Studio at info@catanstudio.com

And finally, all individual consumer orders can be placed with the Catan Shop at http://www.catanshop.com

We at Mayfair Games will continue to facilitate events and sales of Catan during the 2016 convention season.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to providing you with “The Games of our Generation”.

**About Mayfair Games, Inc. **

Mayfair Games is a U.S. based Illinois company, incorporated in 1981 and is an international publisher of board and card games suitable for families and hobbyists. Mayfair Games has over 100 game titles in print including many long-running series of games such as Empire Builder™ and Family Business™, along with modern bestsellers such as Nuns on the Run™ and Lords of Vegas™.

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