Mayfair Games Promo Program

Feb 19, 2013

As part of Mayfair Games' continuing program to support the hobby trade, we are pleased to announce the next pre-order bonus expansions for Road Rally USA™ as well as our new poster program, which is coming soon to your friendly neighborhood hobby retailer.
  • Limited edition expansions: When you pre-order Mayfair Games from your hobby retailer, you receive exclusive promo tiles containing mini-expansions for at least three Mayfair Games. As a pre-order bonus for Zen Garden™ the promo tile sheet includes variants for Bacchus' Banquet™, Family Business™ and Zen Garden™. As a pre-order bonus for Road Rally USA™, the promo tile sheet includes variants for Ablaze™, Elkfest™ and Road Rally™! 
  • Posters (NEW!): Mayfair's new poster program will release 2 posters with each new product. One 22" x 34" poster will highlight the new release and the second poster will focus on backlist or an existing product line. The first two are Zen Garden and Empire Builder. 



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