New Storefront Website

Starting May 22, 2017, Mayfair Games will move its web storefront presence to a different site. The new site is

This web site will house our news, posts about upcoming events and products, volunteer management, rules archive, and other web related materials. If you have an account on this site, it will NOT be duplicated on the other.

Coming Soon from Mayfair Games: Le Havre

The place is the south coast of the English Channel, in the Normandy region of France. Here rests the magnificent port of Le Havre, gateway to Europe. In Uwe Rosenberg’s classic board game, Le Havre™, each player is vying to become the preeminent shipping magnate, outshining their competitors.

The game takes place over several years and players will need to acquire materials, build ships and buildings, and feed their workers.

The player with the most money wins!

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