Game Support Documents

This area of our website is dedicated to provide you with all kinds of game support information.

  • Professor Easy – Learn to play the easy way. Professor Easy teaches a variety of games, step by step.
  • White Glove Movies – Watch as Glover demonstrates basic play of several of his favorite games.
  • Live Demos – Find a retailer near you that has an open copy of these games and would be glad to show it to you.
  • FAQs – We present you all games that we have Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on record for.

Below you can find a browsable, filterable list of all available support documents in alphabetical order. You may type part of the name of the game that you need support with and click on “Apply” to find everything related to this game.

Title Type Support for Product Image
Family Night - Analysis Paralysis: Tigris & Euphrates Other Podcast Tigris & Euphrates
Board Game Reviews by Josh: Tigris & Euphrates Off-Site Review Tigris & Euphrates
The Game Kennel: Tigris & Euphrates Game Kennel Tigris & Euphrates
Sequence Board Game Review: Tigris & Euphrates Off-Site Review Tigris & Euphrates
Family Night: Historic Appreciation: Toledo Other Podcast Toledo
The Game Kennel: Toledo Game Kennel Toledo
White Glove Movies: Toledo YouTube Video (White Glove) Toledo
Board Game Geek Review of Trambahn Off-Site Review Trambahn
Deseret News Best Games of 2015 Off-Site Review Flea Market, Isle of Skye™: from Chieftain to King, Trambahn, Booty!™ , Extra Extra, Star Trek: Five Year Mission™, Mystery™ Motive for Murder!
Toys Bulletin reviews Urbania: Urbania Off-Site Review Urbania
White Glove Movies: Urbania YouTube Video (White Glove) Urbania
The Gamers' Table Review: Urbania Off-Site Review Urbania
Bill Bodden's review: Van Helsing Off-Site Review Van Helsing (Out of Print)
Chris Baylis review on Board Game Geek: Villainy Off-Site Review Villainy
Villainy White Glove Demo YouTube Video (White Glove) Villainy
Family Night - Modern Mechanics: Wacky Wacky West Other Podcast Wacky Wacky West
White Glove Movies: Wacky Wacky West YouTube Video (White Glove) Wacky Wacky West
White Glove Movies: Weinhändler YouTube Video (White Glove) Weinhändler (Out of Print)
The Game Kennel: Weinhändler Game Kennel Weinhändler (Out of Print)
White Glove Movies: Whitewater YouTube Video (White Glove) Whitewater (Out of Print)