Academic Games

Product Image Title Street Date Sell price SKU Product Status
Global Mogul (Out of Print) 2013-08 $55.00 MFG4127 Out of Print (Visible)
Five Points (Out of Print) 2013-05 $35.00 MFG4123 Out of Print (Visible)
Steam Map Expansion #3 2013-04 $24.00 MFG45613 Active (Orderable)
Clash of Wills™ - Shiloh 1862 (Out of Print) 2012-10 $30.00 MFG4862 Out of Print (Visible)
Urbania 2012-09 $35.00 MFG4124 Active (Orderable)
A House Divided 2012-06 $30.00 MFG4860 Active (Orderable)
Nippon Rails 2011-10 $42.00 MFG4508 Active (Orderable)
Test of Fire - First Bull Run 1861 (Out of Print) 2011-09 $30.00 MFG4861 Out of Print (Visible)
A Few Acres of Snow 2011-08 $55.00 TRG4003 Archived (Hidden)
Domaine (Out of Print) 2003-04 $15.00 MFG4102 Discontinued (old stock available)
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