Exploration Games

People say that April showers bring May flowers. When I was growing up I could never understand what the rain had to do with pilgrims. Of course, here at Mayfair Games, we think that April showers bring thoughts of exploration (like what the voyagers on the Mayflower were doing).

Mayfair at Origins 2010

Mayfair Games will be at the Origins Game Fair in force. Here are some of the activities we will be offering to those who make their way to Columbus, OH for the June 23-27 festivities:

Le Boomb Variants!

In a previous newsletter we had a variant rule for Le Boomb™. We have a second rule for you to try out in your next game of Le Boomb™ that we have found really gets the game moving.


The World Wide Catan Championship at PAX East continued it's search for contestants to compete for a seat to represent the U.S. The tournament began Saturday, March 27, 2010, with 41 people participating in the first round of the event. After hours of competition, the top 16 players moved on to the semifinal round on Sunday morning.

Mayfair Games and Academy Games

Plant City, FL - March 18, 2010 - Mayfair Games and Academy Games are excited to announce an agreement with Mayfair Games to provide sales, marketing and fulfillment services for Academy Games. Consolidating these functions through Mayfair Games will allow Academy Games to focus on developing additional titles for the award-winning Conflict of Heroesâ„¢ game series and to publish other games in development.

Roman Games

At this time of year, there seems to be more movies and tv shows on Rome on television. This makes us think about the great Roman themed games that Mayfair Games publishes. If you have not played any of our Roman-themed games, here are a few that you might want to take a closer look at...

Pillars of the Earth Builder's Duel Variant

One of our newest releases is Pillars of the Earth: Builders Duel™. This game has an interesting mechanic for competing for advantage cards: you use seals (bidding tokens) to fight over who will take ownership of an advantage card.

New York Toy Fair Wrap-up

We had a great time at New York Toy Fair! Several new games were unveiled including newly announced Casino Vegasâ„¢ by James Ernest and a brand new edition of 1830â„¢ by Francis Tresham. Speaking of train games, we also announced a new title in the Catan Histories line: Settlers of America: Trails to Railsâ„¢, the first ever Catan Train Game coming June 2010.

Nuns on the Run and Ablaze!

Two new games coming this March! Mayfair Games is pleased to announce the upcoming March releases of Nuns on the Run™ by Fréderic Moyersoen and Ablaze™ by Heinrich Glumpler. Nuns on the Run™ is a social game where players explore the exciting nocturnal world of a grand abbey filled with intrigue and deception. Ablaze™is actually three distinct games in one! Each game revolves around a forest fire, but each is different and has its own unique favor. Find out more about each of these games by visiting the product pages: MFG4117 Nuns on the Run™ $35.00 MFG4403 Ablaze™ $20.00 Also, keep a look out for these upcoming releases coming soon: Casino Vegas: Dust, Dice and Dollars™ Wacky, Wacky West™ Catan Histories: Settlers of America, Trails to Rails™